Working Lives

Jarrolds’ Hardware Department (1930s)

Location: Jarrolds, Norfolk

Herbert worked in the Hardware Department at Jarrolds in the late 1930s. His story was told by Mrs Marshall, who was 93 at the time, in 2006.

Herbert had to go from Wortham to Norwich and back every day on his motorbike.

The Hardware Department was in the basement and he was ‘second sales’ which was considered to be one up from the lowest form of life. There were 3 or 4 more members of staff in the team and Mr Sadd was their boss. Mr Grant was the managing director.

Occasionally the firm would let him have damaged goods at a reduced price for which they were very grateful, as times were hard. It isn’t known exactly what he was paid, but it was very little.

During the run up to Christmas the store was open until 9pm and then they cleaned up after they closed.

Herbert Marshall’s working life at Jarrolds was told to WISEArchive in 2006 by Mrs Marshall.

Herbert died in 1940.

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