Working Lives

Construction & Maintenance

Coming home (1946-2023)

Michael has previously spoken with WISEArchive in 2019. He joins us again to tell us about finding family connections to Norfolk and his fascinating working

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Lucky Jim. Being in the right place at the right time (1948-2012)

Born in 1933, Jim was destined to become a London banker, but National Service intervened and he found he enjoyed Army life. It was the time of the Cold War and he learned Russian and transferred to the Intelligence Corps. When children came along, Army life wasn't ideal and he became a quantity surveyor, then a lecturer in surveying at Norwich City College. Both taking early retirement, he and his wife learned about the City of Norwich and became official tourist guides.

Beginning in the Bank

National Service – the Royal Artillery

Russian, German, and the Cold War

Into quantity surveying and lecturing

Learning about Norwich leads to a new career

Find his wife's story under Medical: My nursing career and other distractions

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