Best job ever out on the marshes (1980s-2018)

Paul recounts his life working on the marshes as a marshman. When I was about nine years old I started going down Norton marshes with my dad duck shooting from the first of September. We shot mallard and geese, which would have been greylags or Canadas. We always ate them. We were a family of […]

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Four generations of marshmen and reedcutters (1950s-2017)

Generations of Brian’s family have lived on the marshes and worked as marshmen. He tells us about his family and his own life growing up on the marshes. Generations of marshmen My family has lived on the marshes for generations. My grandfather Reginald Mace was a marshman on the Reedham level and he had a […]

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Wanderings of a Naturalist – Haddiscoe (1940s-2019)

Having studied natural history for most of his life Roy joined the Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists’ Society in 1966, becoming secretary soon after. I grew up in the Second World War. My father was a Bristol Channel pilot, and therefore the hours kept in our house depended on which ships were coming up the Channel […]

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