Footballer’s Wife (2006)

Location : Norwich

I was born in York on 6 May 1920. I went to school at St Clements. Then from there I went to Knavesmire School which was by the racecourse. My parents were Florence and Albert Atkinson . I had one brother, Leonard. I joined Jarrolds in I think, 1970, as far as I can remember. I was about 50. 48 or something like that.

I moved here in 1974 when my husband moved here. My husband is a professional footballer. He went into the army as most men did, the Black Watch. After the war finished, he played football in Germany for the NORT? with all footballers who had been in the Forces. They beat every country that they played against. I’ve got huge photos of those. As soon as he was demobbed, there was someone knocking at my mother’s front door. They were from Nottingham Forrest, wanting to sign him in for £7500 of which we received £10. So as we hadn’t a house to live in, we moved to Nottingham into a brand new built house, with a bathroom. Which was lovely. We stayed there for three years. Meanwhile, another team was after him, was West Bromwich Albion. Eventually, he signed for them for £12500, of which we received £10. The years he was there he eventually went to Cup Final, which they won. I’ve got it recorded, the whole match recorded, which is lovely. Which I play sometimes. And then he was getting to the retirement age and he was wondering what he was going to do. Then the phone went and it was Norwich City wanting him to move down there as the Coach. With Ron Ashman, which probably you all knew, being a local man. And he stayed there with about 7 or 8 different managers that Norwich City had. Right up to him finishing. When he was well into his forties. And I’m afraid he died of cancer 15 years ago. I was looking after my 2 children. I had a boy before my husband went into the forces. And then I had 10 years before I had my little girl. She was born in Nottingham. He never got over the fact that she wasn’t born in Yorkshire. They have grown up. I didn’t go out to work. I didn’t need to. We lived quite comfortably in Nottingham. A new house. A lovely house which they found for us. In outskirts.

And we moved here. And we bought a nice semi bungalow here. And that’s when I didn’t feel too good. Cos I didn’t want to keep moving any longer and I had a bit of a setback. Cos my boy by then was nearly 21 and he didn’t want to move. So I had to leave him behind. And he eventually married a nice Midland girl and I’ve now got three grandchildren. And now a great grandma, She has a birthday next week at a year old. So that’s how I came. And I thought it’s no good I shall have to get a job to pass the time. I actually worked for Curls. Then the buyer from there said you’re a good saleswoman. Why don’t you come down to Jarrolds with me. She had to give a month’s notice. I had to give 2 weeks notice. They didn’t want me to leave. But I was here a fortnight, surveying the scene. That everything was alright for her to come down to. So that’s how I came to Jarrolds.

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