Card Department (2006)

Location : Norwich

I was born in Southampton. My parents were called Lilian and Arthur

I had 2 sisters.

I joined Jarrolds in 1973 – 1982. Living in Norwich.

I used to work 3 days at Spalls.

I went to see if they had any places.

I started in the Card Department.

We had cards at 2/9 and 3/4. Anything like that and we used to have to add them up in our heads. There was no adding up on the tills then! You had to pick things up quickly!

I went to Floating so that when I went in the morning, wherever they were short on a Department I would go. You had to pick things up quickly. I worked on the Book Department, the Card Department, the Sweet Department. (That’s when they used to do sweets. But they haven’t had a sweet department for a long time now.) Tights, Fashion. I think once I worked in the Restaurant.

I remember Mr Richard’s daughters working part time on a Saturday when they were still at school. I worked with them at the Book Department. That was my favourite department.

We had drinks at my Retirement. It was very very nice.

The factory and the shop had a dinner every year at St Andrew’s Hall for people who had retired. It was lovely to see your friends again.

The majority of the public were very nice. We were polite to them and they were polite to us, you know.

There have been more changes since I’ve left.

I thoroughly enjoyed working at Jarrolds. It was a very happy atmosphere. Mr Richard was very kind.

The management treated the staff very well. I suppose there were some grumbles like you get everywhere, but on the whole, I really enjoyed my work at Jarrolds.

I worked 9 – 5.30 every day.

You didn’t know them [other staff]very well. But it was a very friendly atmosphere, you know. We didn’t socialise outside of work.

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