A bit of this and a bit of that

Location : Colchester, Marks Tey, Norwich, Ipswich

When I left school I had a job in an old people’s home. I used to make their cup of tea of a morning, and then get the trays ready, put all the breakfast stuff on. We used to take the breakfast stuff to them, and then after that we used to wash and wipe up, everything up, get everything, the tables all ready for lunchtime. And I used to go in the dining room and help to serve the lunches.

I was 16.

After we served the lunches we had to wash and wipe everything up. Then after that we had a lunch which they, that was free. And then after that I went home, then I had to go back in the evening to do the same thing. And I was there for a couple of years. The people were nice at first but that was a family run and then they got, they were nasty. That was in Colchester.

Then I got another little job, in a coffee shop, and that was in Colchester. And that was called Planters. And I used to go around and take the orders from the people, ask them what they wanted. And then I took the things round to them, sandwiches or cakes and coffee. I had a little apron on. And then, I didn’t work the till though, ‘cos I weren’t too good at tills. So they did all that, the other people. But I enjoyed that, that was my favourite job.

I was there for a few years, till I got married, which was the worst thing I ever done. Then after that I got a job in 1979 in Marks Tey Hotel and I was a chambermaid. I used to make all the beds and put clean sheets and everything on and make sure all the bathrooms had clean towels and bars of soap. And I did that 5 days a week, I was there 5 days a week, Monday to Friday and I had weekends off. And when I got paid I used to go into town and get my few little bits what I wanted, I used to treat myself.

That was my favourite job that was. That was the last one I had when I was living in Colchester with my mum and dad. And then from there, that’s when I moved around. And then after that I didn’t have any more jobs until 2000, and that was in, no it weren’t it was before then, that was where the old Woolies used to be, Woolworths used to be. And that was in Norwich that was, and I used to do cleaning there. And then they closed that down. And then a bit later in life, in 2000 that was, and then I got a little job cleaning in the old bakery. That was cleaning and I did enjoy that apart from the people were saying I weren’t doing things right and then everything just got on top of me in the end.

The old bakery was on Queen’s Road. That was the last job I had. It ended in 2000.

Beverley (b. 1959) interviewed in Norwich for WISEArchive on 19th November 2013.


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