Railways and Banknotes

The contributor began on the railways on an F&T apprenticeship at the LNER loco works in Stratford in the early 1940s. He was fascinated with the power and speed of the machines in the workshops. Later he moved to the Bank of England printing works in Ongar. He tells about working conditions in heavy machine shops. On retirement […]

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Sailing through work. The potted history of Roy Forder.

I was born in January 1942 in Reedham at Ship Cottages next to the river by the Ship Inn and the swing bridge. A year later, we moved to Vine Cottages, 24, Riverside. It’s now split into three but we lived in the one which is renamed as Podgers Cottage after my father. I attended […]

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The friendly coalman (1930s – 90s)

I was fourteen when I left school and I started working almost straight away. My first job was at the Reliance Garage down Hay Hill (Norwich) – I was with them for a year and a half. I helped them move, in fact; they moved from there to a big central garage they had built […]

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Ups and Downs of Steam

Our contributor was born in Great Yarmouth and began work in 1943 as an apprentice in post-war reconstruction in Great Yarmouth. He then worked on the Railway based in the Carpenter's Shop and began as an apprentice in repairing and rebuilding houses and business in after the war. He then worked on the Railway based […]

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