Norfolk Marshes

Wanderings of a Naturalist (1940s to date)

I grew up in the Second World War. My father was a Bristol Channel pilot, and therefore the hours kept in our house depended on which ships were coming up the Channel to be guided into harbour. I became a naturalist at a young age and as a child we had very few restrictions. From […]

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Wherry good times in Norfolk (1970s to date)

I don’t know if I qualify as a Norfolk person to talk about the marshes with any authority because I didn’t come here until I was 35. I’m more of a Kent/Sussex girl with some excursions. The first excursion into Norfolk I first came to Norfolk when my husband worked at County Hall and I […]

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Wildlife conservation on the Broads (1950s to today)

Rodney grew up near the river in south Norfolk. He studied zoology and geography and lived for a time in Australia where he was the environmental representative on the Macquarie River Advisory Committee. He compares the area to the Broads. More recently he has been involved with bird surveys and remembers the coypu eradication campaigns. […]

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