Norfolk Marshes

The Norfolk animal health officer

Eddie’s childhood was spent in the Marshes. He was born during the war, in April 1941, at home in Bradwell. His father was in the fire service so he was often out and about and not at home much but Eddie had a happy childhood. Bradwell was a very rural area in those days compared […]

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The story of Bee’s Boats, Brundall (1950s to today)

I was born 72 years ago on the Catton Grove estate, which is on the outskirts of Norwich. My mother originally lived in Botolph Street and my father in Ber Street, then they moved out to new council houses, which is where I was born. My father was a self-employed carpenter and joiner. He worked […]

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Wherry good times in Norfolk (1970s to date)

I don’t know if I qualify as a Norfolk person to talk about the marshes with any authority because I didn’t come here until I was 35. I’m more of a Kent/Sussex girl with some excursions. The first excursion into Norfolk I first came to Norfolk when my husband worked at County Hall and I […]

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